I’m seeing two: The Double

So today I am on a plane while currently writing this article. Obviously it will be posted once I land in Auckland, New Zealand after my most recent trip to Wellington but for now, I’ve been watching the film  “The Double”, definitely in my list of obscure films to heavily praise, along with Comet (which is the best rom-com drama to watch if you like a slightly more confusing version of 500 Days of Summer.

I had been going through a Richard Ayoade phase when I found this film. It’s like Bieber Fever, when you want to watch anything and everything to do with him, only this phase with a bit leaner and nerdy. Basedon the novel of the same name by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, awkward and scrawny Richard Ayoade has reinterpreted this movie which deals with the same pushover protagonist meeting his extroverted, aggressive doppelgänger. I have yet to read the novel but I will surely do so with the inspiring style and cinematic techniques used in the film in mind.

The movie is about Simon James (Jesse Eisenberg), who struggle with tentacle porn. Okay, I’m joking but that could be considered to have equal levels of weirdness as this film.
He’s obviously taken into consideration the themes and ideas of mimicry and “doubles”. I didn’t even realize this until my second viewing of the first few minutes.

Ayoade is like a weird cross between the visual appeal of Wes Anderson’s famous use of symmetry and the conceptual plot choice of … Sadly, although the beginning of the film does give me an intrigue toward this film is slightly more sophisticated then what most of us are use to watching. This has meant that if your more interested in a straight forward plot with no hidden ideology or psychological trauma within the storyline, this movie isn’t the one for you however if you’re like me and like to over analyze any situation in film and television, here is your crib tonight. This is closer to a high brow Fight Club with the additional conspiring but at the cost of the usual graphic violence.
Jesse Eisenberg holds his attentive awkward personality which works well with the introverted character he plays. The limited humor makes for a perfect use of unconsciously insulting his our personality. The storyline of his continuous stream of “bad luck” and tormenting peers matches with the themes of himself being too


Unfinished Post. Sorry about that. Will update progress and comment if there shall be a new date for full publication.


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