American Horror Story Season One

This show has been a homage to everything great in the Horror Genre. Much of the allusions with make any Horror fan have a seizure from ecstasy on how beautiful the whole thing is.

This writing does spoil basically everything great about the season “Murder House” so for all of you who haven’t seen and watched every episode through and through, shield your eyes and look away from this until you’ve come to terms with the show.

There have been mentions of certain characters comparative to Horror icons – Tate to Norman Bates, Vivian to Rosmary, Larry Harvey to , Violet to Sixth Sense, Dr Charles Montgaomaery to Frankenstein. This universe has carefully wound everything memorable and created a series which makes you want to keep watching. It’s got the blood, gore and superstitious to delve into the storyline and eventually become consious of every plausibly angle to when this story will take you.

Let’s break down the character and some things you may or may not have noticed when mentally overanalysing every little detail of their actions and movements.

Firstly though, here is an infographic created by — who made a full timeline of the America Horror Story (AHS) series. Only read the red circles for a better chronological understanding of the show.

Created by Evangelica Duran |


I found the best summary of Tate in the story line on my Pinterest Feed.

For people who’ve studied horror in a Film, Television and Media course, you’d understand some key elements about the psychological damage every horror has in order to pander to the audiences biggest (but not quite deadly) fears.
Some of you may have already read the summaries of the true story behind the ghosts of the Murder House, Elizabeth Short and the Nurse Murders. Both true story’s have been used with the universe and eventually became a great development to the plot.

Micheal, the antichrist

Learning about the antichrist of a child in Vivians womb, it was a clear reference of “Rosemary’s Baby” but what made this more satisfying and filled that hole in our stomach which questioned the future was the minute clip of his fate Three years after the evacuation of the Spanish family. We all know Constance keep her grandchild (the spawn of a living human and rape adulterated spirit) and we see him as a baby which seems so innocent but what was so enduring was his three year old self. He kills his nanny by slitting her throat and all Constance asks is what she’ll do with him while lovingly stroking his baby soft cheeks. My imediate thought upon watching this scene was Micheal Myers (what an appropriate name) from Halloween. Myers had killed his sister after her promiscuous actions and stabbes her while she’s half naked. This then follows the main plots of the movie being him killing the promiscuous babysitter of the town. Poor old – in AHS did seem the least bit sexually active but you never know. We did have that red head batty maid for a character. Why not? The checkers on the antichrists shirt for some reason reminded me of Myers clown shirt (no idea what the resemblance was. You tell me).

Micheal is all about the Family hostility and lack of association of natural. To be perfectly honest, the antichrist has a personality which paralells to his biological daddy, Tate. Because of him being a three year old in the time of the scene, it is usually this age that children are completely honest about their personality – will she be pretty, will she have long hair? Will he be charming , will he be psychotic?


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