Disney’s Wall-e

Walle’s Developed AI over the period that humans have dismissed. Was he there during the period of human rule? plausibility of robots superiority over humans. Wall-e’s most likely disengaged with humans considering the extreme interest in general human articles, excluding secondary witnesses (i.e. video cassettes). When wall-e enters seperate parallel, he his completely unbiased or aware of the universe customs.

seeing through Walle’s perspective – scopophilia?

Walle’s intrigue in human technology and objects links to developed AI. Refer to THE BRA. This links to the theory of Wall-e’s possible non-existence or interaction with human’s during their rule.


Wedding ring, looks in box, removes ring and keeps box – non biased interest in human technology without notice of economical value or knowledge over original use.


Planation – humans relied on plant life and such substances on earth in order to be able to live on earth. Robots, IE Wall-e, don’t and therefore a bigger possibility of robots “living” on earth longer then humanity has.

His following the red light is similarly characterised to an animal.

He diggs underground when the rocket lands- typical characters of an outrage, head underground. baby physics.


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