The Aggressive Female, Gender Role Reversal, and the Cheapest of Laughs | Repost

There’s a phrase I’ve heard before, “It’s not funny unless everyone can laugh at it.”

The particular motivation behind this phrase probably varies a fair bit based on your world view. I’m sure plenty of people think it’s to enforce political correctness. Those people should stop reading this blog and find something else to dull their minds with.

It could be simply about inclusiveness. If humor’s truly universal, it only makes sense that it shouldn’t exclude anyone. It could be seeking to point out that all humor, to some extent, belittles people or institutions. Given the bit about lacking the funny, we can probably assume that it’s then further suggesting humor shouldn’t be done. I prefer to opt for something from the perspective of the humorist: if you’re picking on someone, you’re reaching for the cheap laugh. The easy laugh. The laugh that only works if your audience is ‘in’…

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